Mommy’s Kitchen is an arm of MOMMY where the less privileged children are being fed both spiritually and physically. They are taught the word of God and after the teachings, we give them food. Their mothers also receive teachings on life skills and also taught the word of God for them to be able to train their children in the way of the Lord. Proverbs 22 :6. This is an event which we are currently hosting every fort night targeting the less privileged families.

On such a day a mixture of spiritual and physical food is served. The members are divided into different categories and are taught the word of God according to their age groups i.e Sunday school ,Teens and Mothers class. The young ones are taught in various ways like drama and and song to illustrate the topics.

The teens learn the word and also carrier guidance given for those in high school. Mothers share the word and life skills and project management among other things. After these activities, MOMMY chefs serve food and fellowship happens during this time.

We teach basic hygiene, provide flannels, soaps, toothpaste and tooth brushes and sanitary packages. Mommy encourages a healthy physical and spiritual life for everyone.

We also are currently looking for sponsorship to help promote, our health and well-being program. Well wishers can donate dental care, toothpaste and brushes, sanitary towels, soaps and where possible sponsor a child to have annual dental care.

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