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Mommy's Scholarship is reaching out to children and promoting education and assisting children that are academically blessed and have no means of going to school.  We also assist mothers who struggle to pay fees. Mommy helps with assistance of school leaders. We also get nursery school children enrolled into mainstream schools. We have kindergartens that we have partnered with to deliver our services.
We are working to help disadvantaged children, more so from a very young age, kindergarten and work through to high school.

we work with a personal  educational program that will meet each child's specific needs.

Where we work through to break the cycle of poverty and enabling these children to dream and reach their full potential.

Please help us change a child's life, that little boy and girl who the world has somehow written off, because of where they are.

We can change that, let us give them something to dream about, and let them know that they are not, defined by where they are at the moment.


This is what MOMMY, offers you, If you decide to sponsor a child or donate towards our scholarship program.

We will give you, regular updates and feedback about the child you sponsor and how your donating is being used, this will be posted onto our website, FB page and where asked we can send you by email.

We Believe in total transparency and every dollar and cent is accounted for and 100% used to meet the care and education of each and every child we work with and support.

We work on one to one cases with our children, and work with the schools keeping an eye and interest in each child and progress.

We maintain very strong lines of commutation with each child and family, building a strong relationship.

MOMMY, is a close knit family and we work together in love and show the love of Christ towards each other and making it easy to love on each child we support and work with.

If you are led to sponsor a child, please don't think twice about it, get involved in this life changing opportunity, donate, call or email us today.

Extra tuition for the children not doing well at school, and classes for those who have not been going to school for different reasons, lack of fees, health etc.

Mommy's and Girl mommy's at higher level of education, volunteer every week to hold classes and assist the children and mother's.



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Offer your time to help a child in need


Contact us

Address:  108 East Road, Avondale
                  Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone:     + 263 7726 86230 (ZIM)    
                 + 44 7903 215598 (UK)



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About Us

This Ministry is a worldwide Ministry, and is devoted to interceding for our children and bringing mother’s together with group gatherings. MOMMY, aims to train and equip mother’s of the Kingdom and also reach out to mothers for the Kingdom.

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